Clearwater Engineering

A civil engineering consulting firm in Northern Idaho


Debra Van Dyk has over 40 years of individual, engineering experience in Idaho and Washington. She established Clearwater Engineering in January 1991 as a civil engineering consulting firm located in Sandpoint, Idaho.

On large infrastructure projects ranging from airports to fish hatcheries, Ms. Van Dyk has been able to adapt her skills to successfully influence those projects. Her diverse background offers viewing a project in a “holistic” fashion, yet understanding that many details are necessary for a successful completion. As a sole proprietor she is very conscientious of her time spent on a project and goes to great lengths to focus on keeping the project within budget constraints. Debra’s skill is to draw out clear communication from all parties—owners, contractors and financiers.

Debra offers planning and design services for projects covering roadway design, storm water management, utility layouts, site plans, and Phase One environmental reviews. Her expertise has focused on storm water design through reduction of erosion, managing runoff from newly constructed sites, retaining and detaining storm water and minimizing effects of runoff to downstream properties. Low impact design is of particular interest to the firm.



Nicole Costello has 10 years of engineering experience in Idaho and Montana. Her expertise in land development consists of commercial and residential site design, municipal and small public water and wastewater systems as well as storm water projects. Nicole offers experience in a wide range of project components including project development and design, construction management, and on-site construction observation that benefit project coordination and success.